Free the Dune/ Parks for the People

Free the DuneFree the Dune, originally uploaded by jakerome.

About 120 people took part in CORE’s Free the Dune rally held yesterday. About 50 people, mostly kids & their parents, walked to the dune during a peaceful march. About 1/3 of the ralliers live right near the park, so they walked home from there. The rest of us journeyed back to the beach to demonstrate our enthusiasm.

I’ve uploaded a couple dozen videos to YouTube. All these videos were filmed by Sara & Palm. Very talented, both of them! Here’s just one.

Daniel Sofer, aka Hermosa Wave Photography, aka the South Bay’s finest photographer, took dozens of photos which he is sharing on his website and Flickr. I’ll have more to say. Here are some of my favorite video moments. 1, 2, 3

There’s already been some media coverage, I saw a couple short bits on KTLA last night, and KABC was there as well. Nick Green of the Daily Breeze wrote a fair article, as did Andrew Kersey of Manhattan Beach Patch. And definitely watch the video on The Patch, Andrew is a one man operation and he caught some great shots. I’ll make a small objection to each, as I think they underestimated the size of the crowd. We certainly had over 100 people at the rally at various times, although not all stayed the entire time. I’ll keep my eyes open to see if there’s any more coverage.

Oh, we had some leftover food, which we brought to the Manhattan Beach police, who in turn will provide it to deserving charities. And thanks to our police for observing our rally and providing an escort during our march to the dune, that was fun! I had fun, and I know everyone else attending the rally did as well. We collected well over 100 signatures from mostly residents and a few other sand dune fans.

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