Say no to the $280,000 fence

On Tuesday, September 28th at 6:30, the Manhattan Beach City Council is holding a study session to review the Capital Improvement Program Projects. Included in this review is a proposal to spend $280,000 to build a permanent fence around the sand dune. It took a lot of searching, but I found the meeting announcement on the city website. It seems hard to believe, as CORE and other dune users always opposed fencing while dune neighbors have also written op-ed articles and letters to the editor opposing a fence. Here’s an excerpt from Gary Osterhout’s op-ed.

As an attendee of the many Sand Dune Park hearings over the last year, I cannot recall ever hearing one resident or City Council member specifically say they believed a fence was needed. Residents, no matter what side of the current debate they align themselves on, have expressed opposition to a fence. To me, it has always seemed the Parks & Recreation staff is the group that wants a fence erected.

Despite all that, city staff has drawn up plans to spend almost $300,000 to build a fence, as detailed in the staff report. If you think a fence is a bad idea and a $280,000 waste, please email the city council & let them know, and remind them that you support the CORE petition to reduce dune restrictions to make it more family friendly and accessible.

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