Comments from dune petition signers

In the last week, we’ve had dozens of people sign the new CORE petition. Some of their comments are included below.

Sally writes:

I give up! The on line sign in is too difficult to use. I had to get assistance from your office last time I used it. As a result of the extreme difficultly using the on line system I have quit going. I know this is what you wanted but it isn’t fair. I think the Dune should be open to anyone who wants to use it in the a.m. from 9-11 on weekdays.

Eric notes:

The current hours make it difficult for working families to use the park.

Kim implores:

I’m all for the expansion of hours and allowing parents to accompany their children. The MB Sand Dune park is a wonderful way to exercise before or after work during the week and enjoy time with family on the weekends. Please consider changing rules to be more lenient for working adults and families. Thanks in advance for the consideration!

Martin laments:

I work in Manhattan Beach and was a regular user of the sand dune. I used to spontaneously squeeze in an hour exercise in the afternoon. With the severe access restrictions that’s not possible anymore. I would really encourage the city to allow unrestricted access in the off-peak hours.
Thank you.

Suzanne requests:

Please keep sand dune park and remove the overly restrictive online registration process that only allows certain blocks. I would like to be able to register for one hour on a certain day, not a certain time block (or at least one hour at any time during a 4 hour block).

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