May Update

May Update

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Wow – seems like the summer we missed in 2010 is finally here!

Before reading on, I was hoping you could indulge me here for a moment:
Q.  What does our Sand Dune and contemporary civil rights have in common?
A.   Unless you remain active and participate in the process, access to both tend to slip away!
While this may sound a bit of a stretch, thanks to your collective effort in 2010 by writing city council, attending meetings, and even writing to the local media, we were able to say “yes to exercise” and re-open the Sand Dune (albeit with significant restrictions).

This Tuesday, the City Council will be revisiting the Sand Dune once again (agenda here).  While we are genuinely happy that the local neighborhood is satisfied with last year’s compromise, we nevertheless, feel that an 80% reduction in usage was draconian and simply overkill.  For example, if you live in Manhattan Beach and must commute to work (like a large number of us), the opportunities that you can use the Dune practically do not exist as the reservation system only has a few slots per day that exclude most of those who must drive to work.

During the next couple of days, we urge you to write to our city council to express your personal experience as well as provide any constructive suggestions you may have since the Dune has been re-opened.  Also, feel free to include CORE’s three basic requests as well.   Please copy the city manager, David Carmany, and include your Manhattan Beach address.  Don’t forget, each letter has significant impact to our city leaders.

In the meantime, here are a few events that some CORE founders have been personally involved in and encourage your participation:

Vitality City / Blue Zone in partnership with Beach Cities Health District

  • Manhattan Beach residents have a very unique opportunity to involve themselves in many new recreational and exercise activities that will be sponsored by our very own Beach Cities Health District.  While you can read about the entire program and its founder in this great article, we encourage every single one of you to sign up for the Moai initiative that just began last week and is still open.  These are local walking groups offered at different times within your neighbors that occur right in your own neighborhood!  It turns out that creating these type of long term social connections may have just as much impact on health and life expectancy than what you eat!

Bike Racks

  • If you or your family do not bike, than you probably do not realize how few bike racks there are in this city!  Next week, this year’s Leadership Manhattan Beach class will be installing 45 new custom bike racks around town.  As other cities have proved, increased bicycle infrastructure not only encourages more people to leave their cars at home and exercise, but also increase local economic activity as well.   If you would like to be more involved with improving Manhattan Beach’s bicycle infrastructure, we would encourage you to sign up at the South Bay Bicycle Coalition and be part of the development of the South Bay Bicycle Master Plan.

Hermosa 24

  • About six months ago CORE helped organize and support Operation Jack, the first charity marathon here in Manhattan Beach.  On June 18th, join our CORE team in another charity run – the Hermosa 24.  Last year, Christian Burke, set a Guinness Book of World Records by running in our sands for 24 hours.  This year, run on your own, field your own team, or join our team for a unique experience on our beaches!

As usual, free to contact us with any thoughs, ideas or suggestions about other local outdoor issues.

On behalf of CORE,
Bill Hory, co-founder
Manhattan Beach

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