Sand Dune Park in Manhattan Beach

Q. What is the Manhattan Beach Sand Dune Park?

  • A. Click to see. Besides its namesake, the Sand Dune, this three-acre park offers a fenced-in playground for children, a small open grass area, shaded picnic area, as well as steps and pathways leading uphill and downhill.

    Q.What exactly is the Sand Dune in Sand Dune Park?

  • A. Affectionately known simply as “The Dune” by locals, The Sand Dune itself is approximately 100 feet long at a 45-degree incline/decline.

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    Q. Where is it located?

  • A. Manhattan Beach Sand Dune Park is located at the intersection of 33rd street and Bell Avenue in Manhattan Beach, California, 90266.

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    Q. What is the history of Manhattan Beach Sand Dune Park?

  • A. The development of Sand Dune Park officially began in 1960 as a recreational destination with the authority granted by the Manhattan Beach City Council. Prior to this, local residents had already began to voluntarily work on developing the Sand Dune, and in 1970, the General Plan recognized that the Sand Dune Park should be further developed as a neighborhood recreational area with an emphasis on outdoor activities.

    Q. Who can I contact to support the continuous usage of Manhattan Beach’s Sand Dune Park?

  • A. The best way for your voice to be heard, particularly if you are a resident, is to contact the Manhattan Beach City Council as well as the department of Parks and Recreation. Out of consideration of their time, perhaps emailing is the more appropriate. However, if you are a resident of Manhattan Beach, I would encourage a personal telephone call, followed by a written letter.

    Q.How many people use the Sand Dune at the Sand Dune park?

  • A. According to the Manhattan Beach Park and Recreation’s own records, the average hourly usage during the peak summer months is about 21 people per hour. This average is misleading, as it does not account for peak usage. However, during the winter months, this average drops to about 15 per hour.

    Q.Where can I read more about Manhattan Beach’s Sand Dune Park?

  • A. There are four local papers that have all covered the issues related to Sand Dune park over the years and you can search their archives. The Beach Reporter
    The Daily Breeze
    The Easy Reader
    The Manhattan Beach Sun

    Q.Is there any non-newspaper information about Manhattan Beach’s Sand Dune Park?

  • A.Yes, a local resident, artist, and author named Julia Tedesco has written a children’s book aptly named “The Legend of Sand Dune Park” and can be found at www.barkinbooks.com

    Q.Are there any websites besides this one offering information about Manhattan Beach’s Sand Dune Park?

  • A. Yes, you can find hundreds of comments by searching the Yelp.com website. Jakes Adventure website is also a good source of information about Sand Dune Park.

    Q.What are the specific complaints about the Sand Dune park?

  • A. Ironically, there are no negative comments about the Sand Dune itself, just the increased disturbance that comes along with a very popular destination in a small neighborhood. Most notably, noise, traffic, and litter that have markedly increased and reduced the quality of living close by.

    Q.Where can I learn more about the City of Manhattan Beach?

  • A. Obviously, the best way is to visit and enjoy not only it’s beaches and parks, but also it’s many fine restaurants and shopping. In particular, the downtown pier area, the Metlox area ,and the Manhattan Village Shopping Mall seem to provide the most options.

    If you cannot personally experience Manhattan Beach, then you can learn more by referencing www.citymb.info or the links provided above.