40-year tradition of exercise & play

Manhattan Beach resident Chuck Trucker quotes, 30 years climbing the dune & meeting others that had been there 10 years prior. Part of the reason he moved to MB. Kathryn Gray LA Times letter.

Dune closed after neighborhood complaints

Increased usage at peak times, especially summer weekday nights & weekend mornings.

Council considers planting dune, banning exercise

Even though local authorities publicly stated that there was not crime and that the vast majority of users were compliant, the City Council ignored majority of speakers at January 19 meeting, indicated intent to ban workouts and contemplate landscaping dune to make it impossible to walk up & down the dune.

CORE organized

After council meeting, three local residents, Bill, Jake & Chuck, formed CORE to demonstrate support and raise awareness of sand dune issue. Held meetings with council members, attended by dozens of Manhattan Beach residents. Collected over 600 signatures from Manhattan Beach residents urging reopening of dune and had several thousand total supporters in the community. Hosted a Free the Dune rally attended by 150 duners and led peaceful march to the fenced dune.

City studies find the dune is safe

Soil report. Statements from police on neighborhood safety. Finding that sand had migrated north, not eroded.

City votes to reopen dune with restrictive usage rules

After an outpouring of support from the community, the city voted to reopen the dune for exercise. Reopening reduces hours to 8-7 daily, closing at dusk in winter. Teens, adults & seniors required to reserve fixed time slots, pay fee. Fence remains around dune. Most parents not allowed on the dune w/ their children. CORE urges city not to spend $60,000 on permanent fence since nearly all residents oppose fencing the dune.

Yellow Pincushion discovered

Discovery delays dune reopening to protect flower. Changes restoration plan, as sand that had migrated north could no longer be pushed back to southern side of dune. Subsequently, the northern slope of the dune is fenced to protect the flower and sand is imported to restore the profile to the ~1965 shape.

Dune reopens on August 1

Reopened, but with significant restrictions that we predict will reduce usage by 80% and penalize families and local residents that work the most.