The Manhattan Beach community has enjoyed family recreation and adult exercise on the Sand Dune at Sand Dune Park for generations. Instead of focusing on peak period usage, the new regulations have reduced usage by adults & children more than 80% and have penalized working Manhattan Beach residents the most, being unable to enjoy the dune before or after our regular workday. In addition, preventing parents from joining their children seems counter to the very idea of what a public park in Manhattan Beach should be. We request that the Manhattan Beach City Council maintain the dune as part of an open, welcoming park by changing dune rules as follows.

  • Expand dune hours year round, 7 AM – 8 PM weekdays, 8 AM – 7 PM weekends & allow open access weekdays during off-peak hours
  • Let parents to accompany their children, 17 & under, at all times
  • Eliminate the ugly fence, as other enforcement mechanisms can sufficiently manage the dune